Office policy



We will make the bond of partnership with the world through this our business, play of role like a bridge between Japan and the world, and create a mission to win coexistence and co-prosperity with the world. We hope that you will continue to favor us with your further support.

Thank you.

Business contents

Business support
・Foreign companies interested in Japanese market.
・Japanese companies interested in foreign market.
Products purchase
・Purchase products from domestic and international.
Products sales
・Sale in domestic.
・Sale in international.
Real estate management
・Self owned real estate manegement.
・Real estate purchase.



Jan, 2013.
company establishment
May, 2013.
taking part in JETRO
Sept, 2014.
We took part on Japanese food export meeting by sponsored JETRO at the TOKYO BIGSIGHT.
May, 2018.
company and related website updated.